The production of wine inside the cellar



My husband Andrea, an enologist since 1989, always tells me: “Remember that good wine is born in the vineyard; it is up to the expert winemaker to carefully choose the best bunches and maintain the quality until it arrives in the glass.”

I nostri prodotti

The Cellar is nothing other than a meeting place of antique culture and modern techniques, where wines are born and then mature, where the aromas and perfumes define and affirm excellence.

La cantina dell'agriturismo

But before all of this, there is the passion of Andrea, who transforms the beautiful job of winemaker into something more: a sort of pride and profound respect for nature. The Azienda Agricola BALTIERI ANDREA, born from the experience of many years dedicated to the research of maximum results in the vineyard, extends for 19 hectares. The land, of limestone origin, allows the root system of the vines to expand in search of the correct level of humidity and an excellent equilibrium of nutrients.

The climate is nice and mild, and the southern exposure allows for the correct accumulation of sugars thanks to the abundant amount of solar radiation. We cultivate varieties such as the native Corvina il Corvinone la Rondinella l'Oseletta, a unique vine, essential for the wines typical of our zone. The vine training is a very well-balanced Guyot system, used to increase the density of the plant, decreasing the yield per hectare.

Every care dedicated to the vineyards is an expression of respect for both the vineyard and the environment; all operations, from pruning to the selection of the bunches are in harmony with the plants. Stainless steel tubs are necessary for the fermentation and the conservation of the wines, but for the refinement there are select “barriques” (small, wooden barrels) for holding this famous “nectar of the gods.”

Upon request and reservation we would be happy to accompany you on this fascinating trip into world of wine, visiting the cellar, the “welcoming” zone of the grapes, brought here directly from the vineyards. Next, we'll pass through the wine making zone, where you will be amazed by our stainless steel wine making system controlled by a sophisticated automatic system.

Finally, we will go down to the “Barricaia” of the cellar, the most fascinating and intriguing place on the farm, for me a place of silence and respect. Here our wine is housed inside 350 barriques, where its live and rests for many months in order to complete its refinement.

La barricaia


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