The Baltieri Andrea Farm is situated in Mizzole, a small old village with a population of just a thousand, which lies in the range of hills to the North-east of Verona.

Founded in 1970, the company was set up in an old colonial farmhouse with 7 hectares of land, 3 of which were given over to the cultivation of vines. Since then the company has grown. New vineyards have been added; some have been purchased and renewed, others have been set up.

In 1989 the company opened a second branch in Ronchi: a picturesque hilltop location in the Valpantena. Vines have been growing on this hillside for centuries, but for so much tradition to be able express itself fully it had to meet with a new culture, the desire to have new experiences: the company’s philosophy is made up of a rational mixture of science, inspiration and careful planning.

The Podere dei Ronchi, today the Baltieri Andrea Farm, covers a total area of 19 hectares, 12 of which are vineyards and 5 of which are olive groves.


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